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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Land use national logo competition 2008

Hey, hey... the national holiday is coming soon, in fact I will be taking vacation earlier than the rest of people in the country :)...

Btw, I want to scoop out new stuff I have completed. I hope you enjoy reading the story behind it. Here you go...

Department of Occupational Affairs, Republic Indonesia (RI) organized Land Use logo competition for celebrating The World’s Land Use Anniversary 2008, I enter one in to participate the national event. The concept essentially capturing the spirit of human living space interacted and surrounded by the ocean, the environment and urban landscape. The establishment of industry, agriculture, residential district, commerce and infrastructures brought us to the reality of massive effect the urban development causes to our planet earth. The logo encourages the awareness of balance and care of the land use, we can then keep preserving its existance for the future generations.

I'm still waiting on the result though, so wish me luck! Happy holiday y'all

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Agus said...

good Luck deh